Tan y Foel is a very special place of unrivalled peace and tranquility set in the beautiful Banwy valley; spritually welcoming all.

It is the ideal location if you are looking for a perfect mix of therapies and guided meditation combined with some time for yourself in order to soak in the peace and feeling of wellbeing that this magical place engenders.

Run by a fully qualified and registered therapist with many years experience we are able to offer a wide selection of treatments.

The combinations of treatments can be a bespoke prescription, designed to best help you acheive the balance you are seeking. Alternatively, you may prefer to choose to mix and match your treatments to suit your mood. Traditionally a place of healing for hundreds of years within a trail of local healing spas and healing springs, which go the length and breadth of Wales we aim to continue the tradition of making this a place to feel both peaceful and yet energised, and a place to rediscover the aspects of you lost to the modern world.

field of lavender

To help you enjoy Tan y Foel we have three hidden tiered gardens each filled with herbs and beautifully flowering plants; a place to lose yourself in colour and fragrance. Use them for your relaxation or meditation or, why not select a book from our library and luxuriate in the sheer pleasure of enjoying a world seperate from the stresses of modern life?

We also have a stone circle by a stream, which again you may use to help you focus your meditations, as well as two small private woodlands and acres of land with spectacular views. Both the house and caravans overlook the mountain. Combine this vista with the rolling acres on which to spread a blanket and let the breeze wash your stress away, and you start to understand what a stay at Tan y Foel is like.

Your Stay With Us

We know that everyone's needs are different and we aim to provide you with just what you need to ensure that when you go home you are relaxed, refreshed, and renewed with an inspiring sense of inner peace. We will tailor your break to your needs; from a weekend stay to a week or two, balancing the perfect combination of therapies to help you achieve the most from your stay with us.

What is special about Tan y Foel is that we know that part of a retreat is just that, the ability to retreat from the world. To this end the Caravans have no television, but do have books and music and games chosen to help you unwind and find yourself again. You may even like to relax by trying some traditional activities such as apple picking or wool spinning. Or you may like to venture a little further afield and enjoy the peace of the coast or the nearby forest. All these things combine to offer you a break where you can truly unwind.

We can provide home grown or locally grown organic fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs as well as home made breads and cakes to ensure your body is treated with as much respect as your spirit. We are vegetarian and whilst we do keep farm animals their uses are as an educational tool in order to teach those interested in their care.

We operate a green policy which is very important to us, and has been so for over thirty years. If you click on the 'green earth symbol' you can learn about the many ways in which we ensure a fully symbiotic relationship between ourselves, the house and the very special place in which we live.

The accomodation here is in a comfortable and luxurious two bedroom caravan offering you the anonymity to come and go at will. We are sure that you will have a wonderful time here.


Weekend breaks and one week or two week retreats are available and have a basic cost. This includes accomodation and a set number of treaments. However, we are totally flexible and will design a retreat to meet your needs. This will affect the cost should you want more or indeed fewer treatments. However, as a guide to the cost, select your accomodation from the 'Availability and Prices' page; this will give you the basic cost of your accomodation and this will include one free treatment and a guided walk. Other treatments range from £15 to £40 and the number and type will be tailored to your requirements. Why not email or telephone us today to work out a package that suits your needs?